Working With Genetic Genealogy Is Different And You Need The Right Kind Of Lab And Forensic DNA Testing Services

Have no fear because we have sought out the labs that can extract the DNA profile and prepare the genome for  upload into public commercial testing sites like GEDMatch and FTDNA so you can begin your casework.

Things to consider: 
  • Timeframe: DNA extraction takes approximately 3 - 6 weeks. Be conservative and plan on 6 weeks
  • Cost: Preliminary DNA results are approximately $300 and can range up to $1,500 or $8,000 depending on how tough it is to obtain a good sample.
  • Funding: We work with a lab that is a non-profit and can get the testing funded for you.
  • Type Of Sample: It's best to choose the type of sample that produces the best outcome - blood, saliva, root hair, touch DNA.
  • Limitations On Sexual Assault Kits And Mixtures: Currently it is difficult to work with mixed samples of several profiles. Of mixed samples, 30 - 35% result in negative outcomes (no sample) and 40% of the remaining 65-70% are workable.
  • Work Your Case: If you would like to work your case during our training, we'd love it - just be sure to factor in the timeframe needed to develop the genome prior to attending our first class.

Contact Us for a referral to a lab in your area and if you are a lab offering these services we definitely want to add  you to the list.