Shop So They Drop!
Let's get these case backloads DOWN! We are SO determined to identify every deceased person and suspect in the warehoused cold cases as well as training a minimum of one officer from every law enforcement agency that we try to find any way to do so. We thought these cute, funky and functional items may not only spread the word but would help us on our mission.

At present, many of the items are created on demand, so please understand and allow for any time delay. If the purchase link is not apparent, please use our Contact Us page so we can process the order for you. Thanks much!
Our latest items:
Dual Color Logo Hi Tops 
Want to kick around in something colorful while doing good? If so, then you'll love our dual color DNA hi top sneakers. They come in Men's and Women's and feature our GGLE logo colors on the sides with our patterned logo on the tongue. 
Logo Light Blue Hi Tops
Cute, comfortable and our clean DNA GGLE logo. These sneakers are available in men's and women's and feature our lightly printed logo with a blue tongue.
Dual DNA Spirals Hi Tops

Where you have the double helix, you also have our dual DNA spiral on these sneakers showing how the DNA does catch the suspect. The outside shows our dual logo spirals with the tongue featuring the dual colors of our logo.

GGLE Coffee Mug

Coffee, Tea AND Training are available with this handsome mug. A white exterior and black interior with black handle complements our GGLE logo and will look great on your desk!

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