Go For The Gold Shield!

Posted by Christine Burke on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 Under: police training

In talking to prospective students, I get asked whether or not Genetic Genealogy training is for Detectives and Investigators. The answer is a resounding YES! But, it's also for patrol officers too!

You see, one of the ways that you can differentiate yourself in a large police agency (or even a small one) is to stand out with a degree or a special skillset that is needed and may be in short supply. Genetic Genealogy training is a great option.

Whether you are a current detective looking to get into the homicide squad or you are on patrol, take it from Sarge here and consider giving yourself a jump on the competition and self-funding your GGLE training.

Even if you don't want to consider paying for yourself, the fact that you have requested department reimbursement, or approval, shows the brass that you think out of the box.

Maybe you are educating your training department on something they, or the chief/sheriff thought was not possible. While it may not get approved today, you are highlighting yourself as a department member who is constantly thinking of improving their skills and someone who want to make the department better at the same time.

This is a win win for everybody, including your community and we look forward to helping you!

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