Leveling The DNA & Genetic Genealogy Playing Field

Posted by Christine Burke on Friday, September 9, 2022 Under: police training

I remember feeling left out, sometimes as a patrol officer, sometimes as a Detective, when the alphabet agencies roared into town and took your case and took the credit for all of your hard work.

I also remember seeing assets or training, big solves or big technology and asking for it and being told, no we don't have the resources for that.

Maybe you're hearing all about some other "big" things done by the "big" agencies and "big" corporations and think that you'll never be able to bring to closure to your cases and obtain justice for your people. Maybe you think it's about budget, maybe you feel it's a lack of cooperation, maybe you just don't know. BUT I DO.

I'm leveling the playing field and bringing DNA and Investigative Genetic Genealogy to ALL police agencies and ALL police officers. Because this cop gets it and all of your victims deserve a shot at justice.

I'm advocating for your agency, big or small, and all of your cases, high profile or not.

I want every department to have the ability to get lab work (internal or not) to develop the genome and I'm slowly but surely working my way across the United States to ensure that every police agency has at least one officer trained to do the genetic matching in house. Police work done by police officers.

We are trained to never give up and I won't. Where there's a will, there's a way and no case should go unsolved.

I'm bringing this training into your agency every month, either virtually or in person. 3 days, limitless results.

Next class November 2022. No one left out and no one left behind. Register today or let's hop on a call.


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