Investigative Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement

Become A National Certified Genetic Genealogist

We are proud to announce our Nationally Certified Genetic Genealogist Program (NCGG) to recognize and acknowledge our country's professional genetic genealogists. 

These individuals display the “best practices” in genetic genealogy by being highly recommended by other genetic genealogists and related professionals and by maintaining their competence and keeping up to date on new breakthroughs by completing continuing ongoing continuing education course work. 

This program is for those interested in improving the genetic genealogy profession and individual instructional skill sets while offering life changing help to others.

What are the benefits of becoming a nationally certified instructor?

The benefits of being a member of this professional group include:

  • Receive an Identification card with the NCGG seal documenting your National Certified Genetic Genealogist status and expiration date

  • Receive an NCGG certificate, suitable for framing

  • Post your picture and biographical information on your Nationally Certified Genetic Genealogist webpage with links back to your direct e-mail or web pages as a resource for those who may be seeking genetic genealogy services

  • Receive access to NCGG's web-portal with training links, open dialogue professional discussions, relevant instruction, etc.

  • Use the NCGG Nationally Certified Genetic Genealogist Program acronym on your business cards, letterhead, etc. Example: John Q. Public, NCGG

  • Receive 'Charter member' status designated on your ID card when you join as one of the first 100 members

What are the requirements to become a NCGG nationally certified genetic genealogist?

NCGG has established these professional standards for those interested in becoming nationally recognized and certified:

  1. Complete the NCGG Application and endorsement references.
  2. Submit a current résumé outlining your specific genetic genealogy background and experiences 
  3. Submit your POST or Academy Director endorsement or THREE (3) letters of recommendation from Law Enforcement CEOs attesting to your skills and abilities as an instructor who will be contacted during a background check 
  4. Submit a completion certificate from a recognized basic Instructor level course (either state POST, NRA, etc.) or POST documents indicating instructor certification 
  5. Submit your $150 annual National Instructor Fee. Download Invoice Form Or, you may pay by credit card or PayPal online here:  Initial NCGG Certification Fee Payment
  6. Participate in continuing education every three years to maintain your certification.
  7. You do not need a college degree to apply

To renew your NCGG certification:

  1. Complete renewal application. 
  2. Submit $125 annual renewal fee.  You may pay by credit card or PayPal online here:  NCGG Certification Renewal Fee Payment

Triannual Continuing Education Requirement:

Every three years, each NCGG must complete SIX (6) hours of genetic genealogy continuing education to maintain certification. These training hours can come from attending conferences, and from attending other training related to genetic genealogy. Certificates of attendance are required

NCGG certificate holders who recertify will receive an updated NCGG certificate (suitable for framing) and membership card.

After completing the application, please upload everything and send to 

Who can I contact for more information?