Genetic Genealogy helps you identify suspects and unknown human remains quicker and easier so you can make more arrests, clear more cases and get justice for more victims.
If I can identify someone in an hour, so can you! Or let us do it for you :)
Let us do the work for you with our prior law enforcement investigations background. We are happy to contract with your department on an as needed basis to obtain the genetic profile, conduct the genealogical research and provide a suspect to your sworn officers who will take it from there or better yet, we'll train you how to do it yourselves!  For a consultation on what we, and Genetic Genealogy can do for you CLICK HERE.
Lets Put Your Local, Regional, Tribal, or Federal Police Agency On Our Map 
Making A Difference Training To Solve These Cases To Help These Victims!
Forensic Genetic Genealogy For Police Training

Introducing our Enduring Service award...

No one, especially a cop, likes to hear about another fallen officer. But in this case, we do want to tell you how we are honoring our brothers and sisters and their dedication to saving lives and solving cases. Learn more here:
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