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The Next Generation Of Lead Generation Is Here!

If I can identify a father in an hour, I can identify a suspect in an hour and so can you!

Nothing is better than catching the perpetrator, and helping to achieve justice for the victim, their family, friends and loved ones. Nothing is worse than having no suspects, no leads, no resources or time, and having no explanation other than, "We've done everything we can."

Easily go from "Whodunnit?" to "He or she did it!" using Genetic Genealogy. Through the remarkable use of DNA, technology and genealogy, it is possible to isolate a suspect and go from an "unknown suspect" (UNSUB) to a family name and possibly even the perpetrator themselves quickly and easily. It really is that simple. 

Instead of spending hours canvassing a neighborhood, talking to endless witnesses and fielding a multitude of fruitless hotline calls, let the DNA do the work for you.

It IS shocking in its simplicity. This is the quickest and most accurate lead generation available. Well, aside from the perpetrator walking into the station and confessing.

As an investigator, which makes more sense to you? The workload decrease from 200,000 man hours to 63 days? The fact that CODIS didn't work but Genetic Genealogy did? The fact that DNA identified THE suspect. 

As an investigative supervisor or department budget manager, how about you? Is it the $217 versus $10,000,000? The reduction in man hours? How about the police being able to do their job quickly and easily to support the victims? 

As a victim, I can assume that the suspect was quickly identified and narrowed down and arrested. 

No matter which one matters the most, the answer is very clear. No more wasting time. No more wasting money. No more cold cases. Just results!

How Do YOU Do This For Your Department? It's Simple. 

Let us train you or your department in how to do this in our 16 or 24 hour Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement class. 

This course can be taught live and in person, live remotely or as a self-paced class, available everywhere there's internet. This class is taught by an IADLEST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor

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Students Say:

"Excellent!", Sheriff's Office Detective

"Very good training." Investigator, Police Department

"I enjoyed the class and feel comfortable with building trees and identifying cM's." Investigator, Police Department
"...this was a very helpful training especially for those of us just getting our feet wet." Civilian Investigator, DA's Office
(The Best Thing About Our Training) "Learning a different method of tree building and research." Civilian Investigator 
" is amazing the links that it can make with people." Detective, Local Law Enforcement
"I learned a LOT during your classes and definitely see the advantage in using genealogy websites to locate suspects." Agent, Federal Law Enforcement

"The class was great and I can see how it could be a valuable resource." Captain, Police Department

"This is a terrific course..." - Agent, Director, Federal Law Enforcement Academy
"I was immediately impressed with her technical, teaching and communication skills." - Larry Ludwig, Retired LE, Vice President of Acceptance Insurance Special Investigations Fraud Unit
"Christine is a very honest person and dedicated to her profession. She is motivated to find the truth in her investigations. She has a strong standing in her community and is very well-respected.- John MacVeigh, Retired FBI Agent, Current Private Investigator
Let us do the work for you with our prior law enforcement major case detectives turned private investigators along with our group of trained Genetic Genealogists.

We are happy to contract with your department on an as needed basis to obtain the genetic profile, conduct the genealogical research and provide a suspect to your sworn officers who will take it from there.

For a consultation on what we, and Genetic Genealogy can do for you CLICK HERE.
"Very thorough and comprehensive genealogy training for investigations." Agent, Federal Law Enforcement

Let's Put Your Local, Regional, Tribal or Federal Police Agency On Our Map Making A Difference Solving These Cold Cases And Identifying These Unknown Victims!

Forensic Genetic Genealogy For Police Training

Introducing our Enduring Service award...

No one, especially a cop, likes to hear about another fallen officer. But in this case, we do want to tell you how we are honoring our brothers and sisters and their dedication to saving lives and solving cases. Learn more here:
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