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  • Has your law enforcement agency embraced C.O.D.I.S....but waiting around to get a hit is getting old?
  • Are your case stats sinking...but the demand to do more is growing, especially with the collection and analysis of evidence?
  • Have you outsourced...but they've come up short on leads?
  • Maybe you don't have years...for donated time to deliver?
  • Has the order come do more with less?
  • Do you believe that investigations should be done by investigators?
If so, you're in the right place because we've been there, done that, as police detectives and supervisors, and we KNOW how to competently, and cost-effectively, get the job done.

solved in 48 hours

When investigators hit a dead end with bones found in 2020, they asked us to step in. A cold case from 1992 was solved using forensic genetic genealogy in 48 hours.
We can do this for you, quickly and cost-effectively.
end to end

investigative resources

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Virtual And In Person Investigation Training

Courses on virtual and in-person investigation training teach the technical aspects of how to source, start, and complete a genetic genealogy investigation.

Real Time Support

Genetic Genealogist On Call™ Live Help

Get your questions answered when you need it from a working LE forensic genetic genealogist, including real-time support for the identification of DNA samples.

Sourcing And Investigations

Complete Case Management

We source cost-effective, competent lab resources and provide top notch matching and investigation services, including training for detectives, medical examiners, and prosecutors in complete case management.

Detective Sam Hatley, Carson City Sheriff's Office
"Christine has been a wonderful resource. She's extremely knowledgeable and her past law enforcement experience helps steer the cases in the right direction. She's saved us time and money and solved one case for us in 48 hours using genetic genealogy. I would highly recommend her."
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