Investigative Genetic Genealogy

Our training program teaches you how to conduct genetic genealogy investigations in as little as four (4) weeks, using our proven system.

Does This Sound Like You?

You are good at working cases the old fashioned way but you've heard about this thing and want to know what it's all about.

  • Has your agency embraced C.O.D.I.S....but waiting around to get a hit is getting old?

  • Are your case stats sinking...but the demand to do more is growing?

  • Have you outsourced...but they've come up short on leads?

  • Maybe you don't have years...for donated time to deliver?

  • Has the order come down...to do more with less?

  • Do you believe that investigations should be done by...investigators?

If so, you're in the right place because our training teaches you how to competently, and cost-effectively source your lab work, teaches you the technical skills to identify persons of interest quickly, provides ongoing support, and most importantly lets you solve it yourself.

When You Enroll You Receive

24 hours of live instruction for:

  • Sourcing the appropriate lab
  • Understanding genetic genealogy and how it works
  • Working a real-life unknown person case, start to finish
  • How to apply FIGG to your investigations
  • Legal pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • How to conduct timely end to end case investigations
  • How and when to contact biological relatives
  • Completing a cost-effective, prosecutable case
  • Working your case in class

2 Free months of our Genetic Genealogist On Call™

  • Get ongoing help
  • Get your SNP lab work sourced by us
  • Get your report written
  • Prepare for defense challenges
  • Evaluate your case list for FIGG
  • and more...
Sourcing/Pre-Sourcing your genetic genealogy lab work

  • We will evaluate your case prior to class
  • We will source it for you, contacting trusted partners
  • Get demonstrated, competent, cost-effective results
  • Work your case with us during or after class

When you leave our class, you will have everything you need to use genetic genealogy to identify your person of interest competently, and quickly, while conducting your investigations in-house.

Want More Proof? Check Out The Results From One Of Our Agencies

Agency A pays for forensic matching services. It takes at least 1460 days, and costs them over $3,000 for the forensic matching services.

Without training in how to investigate themselves, each successive case may cost them from $3,000 and up.

Agency B attends our training and right after, is able to identify an unknown human remains case in just 48 hours.

Win: The agency was able to get forensic matching services for FREE (value $3,000+) AND each case going forward is no additional cost (value PRICELESS)!!!!

If I can identify someone in a few hours, so can you!
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