Christine Burke

I aim to advocate for victims and protect clients as we tell the human story through forensic genetic genealogy.

I believe that, in the quest for justice, every human being counts and deserves to be identified, remembered, and valued. 

I actively support law enforcement and the difficult job you do.

  • Forensic Genetic Genealogist

    Since 2017 identifying and educating civilians and law enforcement world-wide.

  • Law Enforcement Expert

    Court-qualified since 2019.

  • Private Investigator Agency Owner

    Since 2008, working on numerous cases, testifying in court and supporting accurate and effective investigations.

  • IADLEST & POST Certified Instructor

    Long-term agency, community college, and university instructor. Training GGLE since 2021.

  • Retired Detective and Sergeant

    Road patrol, homicide, task forces, and training. Blending old-school policing with the new, for competent, efficient, and cost-effective results.

images of forensic genetic genealogist christine burke in her past law enforcement career