Taught by Christine Burke, former police detective and sergeant, who is a Certified International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards & Training (IADLEST) Instructor.
Nevada POST eligible as well as Illinois ILETSB and Georgia POST. Please contact us prior to registration if you intend to seek POST credits.

Solve It Yourself Classes

When you learn to do genetic genealogy yourself you no longer have to rely on expensive, problematic outsourcing.

Our training puts the investigations back where they belong, in the hands of the investigators.

I help you learn more to do more and have complete and defensible cases.

"This is a terrific course..." - Agent, Director, Federal Law Enforcement Academy
Training Classes -Genetic Genealogy Investigations: Start To Finish
Learn everything you need to do these investigations:
  • What Genetic Genealogy is
  • What to outsource
  • How to perform forensic matching yourself
  • How to protect your case from challenges
  • Work REAL WORLD practical exercises

"The class was great and I can see how it could be a valuable resource." Captain, Police Department

"I learned a LOT during your classes and definitely see the advantage in using genealogy websites to locate suspects." Agent, Federal Law Enforcement

Our GGLE classs includes the following training:

  • Over 20 hours of hands-on practical work on real cases - you are investigating and identifying persons of interest/suspects
  • The background on genetics and genealogy and how it applies to these cases 
  • Identifying potential obstacles, misconceptions and court challenges
  • Integrity issues, 4th Amendment issues and operating within the bounds of the law and terms and conditions (no loopholes!)
  • Locating, identifying and understanding the technology needed 
  • Hands-on training working with real DNA profiles and genealogy data from unknown matches in
  1. Case One: Identify MRCA
  2. Case Two: Identify Unrecorded DNA Offspring
  3. Case Three: Identify Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)
  4. Case Four: From scratch use matches to completely identify the person of interest
  • Learn from a former police detective and forensic genetic genealogist that actively works these cases
  • Information and referrals to forensic DNA and Genetic Genealogy testing labs to develop the DNA genetic profile needed
  • Private Law Enforcement only community to share information and resources
  • This is not a Theory class
  • You will need an Ancestry.com subscription (there is a two-week trial) at the mid-tier level in order to perform the practical exercises in this class

How Do I Attend? 

Our live online classes are held twice a week, for two hours each day, so that you have time to absorb the lesson and implement it on your own, in your active cases, outside of class. We then discuss your findings in the next class and build upon what you have learned.

Our live in-person classes are held for 8 hours per day, for three consecutive days. All coursework is done in class. This is very intensive and students should be prepared to solely focus on the classwork with no distractions.

Please use the Contact Us page with questions.

"...this was a very helpful training especially for those of us just getting our feet wet." Civilian Investigator, DA's Office
"...it is amazing the links that it can make with people." Detective, Local Law Enforcement
(The Best Thing About Our Training) "Learning a different method of tree building and research." Civilian Investigator 

Why Take This Class?

1) You can solve cases easier 2) You can solve cases cheaper 3) You can improve community relations 4) You can improve officer and employee morale

There are way too many cases going unsolved. With biological evidence and a genetic profile you CAN get suspects and narrow your focus. Why would you not, when DNA can lead the way? We are currently training state and local law enforcement and our goal is to have at least one officer per agency utilizing this amazing crime solving tool.

Why This Instructor?

Because I have been in your position. As a major case detective, I too was tasked with figuring it all out. Usually with little to no information. Statistics count and so does getting justice for your victims.

As a Forensic Genetic Genealogist, I work on these cases every day. I'm in the field, so to speak, even if it's behind the computer.

I didn't choose to learn DNA and genetic genealogy, it chose me when I found out that almost my entire family was not as I had known it. I had to start from scratch and over close to 5 years, I've immersed myself in everything genetics, genealogy and have developed the quickest way to the results - be it my family or your suspect.

I am able to take something that was totally devastating and turn it into something amazing, continuing my passion for law enforcement and making a difference. Enroll today to join me on that path to clear more cases and catch more people.

Students Say:
"Christine is a very honest person and dedicated to her profession. She is motivated to find the truth in her investigations. She has a strong standing in her community and is very well-respected." - John MacVeigh, Retired FBI Agent, Current Private Investigator
"I was immediately impressed with her technical, teaching and communication skills." - Larry Ludwig, Retired LE, Vice President of Acceptance Insurance Special Investigations Fraud Unit
Your Instructor: Christine Burke, FGG

Christine is the Forensic Genetic Genealogist for the Carson City Sheriff's Office.

She is a former police detective and sergeant and current law enforcement trainer.

Christine is a qualified Expert Witness in the area of police procedure and culture.

She combines a love for her work and charitable causes which donate investigative resources to review, investigate, and solve cold cases, wrongful convictions and DNA and genetic genealogy cases.

Christine worked as a police officer in South Florida, in the positions of officer, detective and sergeant.

Christine worked with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as a law enforcement trainer, as one of the DUI Task Force Coordinators, as part of the Dignitary Protection Team, and facilitating interstate prisoner transport.

Christine holds a Master's Degree in Business Organizational Management, a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology and has completed over 200 continuing education classes.