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We were asked to review a 39 year-old cold case and start on genetic genealogy to solve it. Instead, we were able to deliver a missed motive and opportunity, AND found a live witness/potential suspect.
We are determined to get you LEADS in the quickest, most effective way.

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We understand your work and strive to achieve the best possible results for you.

Genetic genealogy investigations need three key components:

1) The genome (SNP DNA output), 2) Expert forensic matching services, and 3) A prosecutable, defensible case.

Here's how we assist you in achieving these goals...

Competent, Cost-Effective Labs

Lab Services

We source STR and SNP (Microarray and Whole Genome Sequencing) every day. Let our LE experts review your case and source the BEST lab, with the BEST budget for you, for the BEST results.

Expert Investigations

Forensic Matching

We utilize cutting-edge genetic genealogy techniques combined with proven investigative standards to quickly locate individuals. Additionally, we deliver comprehensive expert reports tailored to meet the requirements of law enforcement.

Prosecutable, Defensible Cases

Complete FGG Case Management

With over three decades of investigative experience since 1986, we excel in gathering and presenting probable cause. Our deep understanding of the criminal justice system encompasses all its facets.

No fatal funnels

One complimentary phone call did it all. In just a few minutes we were able to tell the detective that the lab was leading them astray.
We break brick walls, a common term to describe a dead end.
The DNA will always point the way and we specialize in new leads, and new directions.
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cold case review, active and fgg, figg, igg case services

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What’s included

Consultation to determine the best investigative approach, whether through genetic genealogy or other methods


Lab Sourcing

We will find the most cost-effective and skilled lab for you. This sourcing service is complimentary when you use our contracted forensic matching services.



We offer comprehensive genetic genealogy matching services, handling the entire relative investigation process from start to finish. You don't pay until we deliver a LEAD.


Case Management Complete Package

Includes initial consult, FREE, investigative review $297, lab sourcing $297, forensic matching services, $3,000+, and expert report services $997.*  ($4591 value)


*Does not include the lab services fee which is borne by the contracting agency.