Yep, that's right. Just like the old call outs. When something goes down, and you need some help, give me a call. I'm used to it.

Our Genetic Genealogist On Call (TM) service provides you access to a real-time forensic genetic genealogist, so you always have backup. You don't have to wait for a work day, or wait for an email, especially when a case is HOT.

Whether you are working the case yourself or working with an outside vendor, sometimes it just doesn't make sense, they don't get back with you, or worse yet, they leave you hanging. I'm sorry to say, more and more it's happening.

Our $97 per month service gets you weekly live calls with me to interpret results, help you understand your matches, or figure out what's going on in your case. Need more support? We've got it - ask us about our higher level packages!

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