About My Mission

Hi, my name is Christine and my personal goal is to provide Investigative Forensic Genetic Genealogy (DNA) training to as many police officers in the U.S. as possible.

I'm a former police detective and sergeant, now law enforcement trainer and private investigator. While I may have left the police department, the cold cases continue to haunt me.

I believe that no case should go cold, no victim, family member or loved one be left without answers and no guilty party go unpunished. It's like victimizing the victims again.

What's Going Wrong:

  • According to the US Department of Justice, there are 250,000 unsolved murders as of 2019*.
  • Homicides increase over 6,000 each year*
  • Cold cases constitute a "crisis" says the National Institute of Justice*
  • The United States has nearly 18,000 law enforcement agencies*
  • CODIS is only helpful if the offender is IN the database and CODIS technology is outdated
  • There is a huge #defundthepolice movement spreading across the U.S.
  • Officers are leaving police departments in droves
  • Police departments are challenged in hiring enough officers
  • If police can't staff current work, they certainly can't work the backlog of cold cases
The Good News:
There have been great technology advancements enabling laboratories to obtain DNA profiles in ways that they could not previously. This means that police now have more evidence to work with and more ways to identify potential suspects or unidentified deceased persons who may have been the victim of foul play.

What Is It?
Genetic Genealogy is the use of traditional genealogy (like related individuals and historical documents) along with genetic information (DNA profiles) to develop leads on potential suspects. Through the use of Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) police can now quickly and easily find the perpetrator or the perpetrator's family, which allows them to go from zero to hero, getting justice for all.

Why Me?
Well, believe me, I didn't choose it, but a few years ago I got a huge heck of DNA drama in my own life. In trying to solve those mysteries, I learned a LOT about Genetics and Genealogy.

While at first I cried out about being "cursed," I came to the realization that my experiences have actually been a blessing in disguise. You see, having worked as a police detective and now as a genetic genealogist, I am perfectly positioned to help solve these cases!

For this specific purpose, I created and currently teach my class Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement so that police officers and detectives can do this work in-house, utilizing this technology to the fullest.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Christine Burke
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