Donating forensic genetic genealogy services to law enforcement with integrity and respect for those who have been lost and those who support them.
Did you know that there are over 14, 500 unidentified deceased persons in the United States today? And this number keeps increasing each day.
These people are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children.
Our goal is to speak for them and get them all identified using genetic genealogy.

You are probably asking yourself, "How can this be?"

I know, it's overwhelming, even for me, a hardened detective.

Police departments are notoriously underfunded and currently, the majority if them do not have the resources to solve these cases in-house. Why? These cases have gone "cold" because of a lack of leads, a lack of resources or both. I speak from experience.

Now, we have this amazing tool called genetic genealogy. It consists of two parts: 1) Labwork to process the DNA into "readable" format for genetic matching, and 2) A competent professional genetic genealogist to interpret the matches and develop leads as to the identity. Right now, most of the police departments do not have police labs capable of outputting the genome needed for this work. They have to rely on third-party, for-profit labs, that charge typically around $7,500 per case.

As a retired police detective and sergeant, I find that troubling. At that rate, to work all of the current cases would cost us $10,875,000 - a ridiculous number. That's why I created Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement and the Unknown Humans Remain project.

Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement provides training and services to the police so they can do the investigative portion themselves (normally around $3,000 or more per case). For a one-time training fee of $997, the police now do the forensic genetic genealogy investigations themselves. And, we have low-cost services to help the agencies get started and we provide a FREE training class to agencies who have lost a hero in the line of duty.

To date, we've awarded over $140,000 of services through our Enduring Service program. We need to do better to stop the senseless loss of our heroes.

Our Unknown Humans Remain project offers FREE genetic genealogy matching services for the police, upon request. Myself and volunteers who have graduated from my Forensic Genetic Genealogy Certificate Program provide this work for free as a way of giving back.

If you are an agency seeking help, please contact us. Our typical identification time ranges from a few days to a few months.

If you are interested in becoming a Forensic Genetic Genealogist and joining our team, please let me know.

If you are someone who would like to donate funds for a class or a case, we'd appreciate that too, though we believe the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay again. It is for that reason we have created some products and services that give you something in return.

Fundraising Initiatives

Dead bodies, dark secrets, DNA and genetic genealogy. Can Olivia identify Jane Doe and her killer without losing herself in the process?

In Concrete Clues Olivia and Lily embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, utilizing the cutting-edge technique of genetic genealogy to solve the baffling mystery surrounding a nameless Jane Doe. As they delve into the depths of her past, they uncover a web of lies, deception, and long-kept secrets.

Set against the backdrop of a tight-knit community, this captivating tale blends the allure of art with the power of science. Olivia and Lily's relentless pursuit of truth takes them on a roller coaster ride through hidden connections, surprising revelations, and high-stakes confrontations.

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Does the key to unlocking the decades-old identity of an unknown man lie within the faded fabric of a postal uniform, a rugged pair of overalls, or the intricate strands of his DNA?

In this captivating cozy mystery entwined with historical fiction, forensic genetic genealogists Olivia and Lilly embark on a relentless quest to piece together the fragments of a cold case from 1983 spanning the United States.

Armed with their expertise in genetic genealogy, they delve into the man's ancestry, leveraging the power of DNA to trace his lineage. As they travel through the forgotten corners of history, their hearts are tugged by the poignant story of a man abandoned and left to anonymity.

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Solves And Ongoing Work

While we know it is super-interesting, sometimes we just have to keep a secret. But, there's a lot going on behind computer screens and we'll let you in on it as soon as  we can.

Carson City Sheriff's Office - Nevada

Ronald V. Hendricks

Ronald had been missing since 1992 and his family did not know what had happened to him.

Unknown remains were found near Marlette Lake, in 2020, and with our help Ronald was identified in January of 2023.

We're grateful that his family has closure and Ronald has been formally laid to rest.

Unnamed Agency - Illinois

We are currently working with an agency in the state of Illinois who wishes at this time to remain confidential.

We are currently working an agency in the state of Nevada who wishes at this time to remain confidential.

We are currently working with an agency in the state of Nevada who wishes at this time to remain confidential.
The Unknown Humans Remain True Crime Podcast

We have 30 episodes live featuring some of these cases. Like the old milk cartons, please help us get the word out and get these folks their identities back.

Thank you for your support!

Christine Burke

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