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Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement (TM) was founded in 2021 by me, a former major case detective and sergeant. I believe that makes a difference because I get you, your job, and the demands placed on you. My goal is to show you what Genetic Genealogy can do for you.

I also understand when there's not much budget or support. That's why I created innovative and cost-effective ways that I can serve you better, so you can do the best job possible for your victims.

I'm always happy to jump on a call, jump on a Zoom, or even an airplane. I understand what it means to have a true partner who has your back and one who is invested in making a difference.

With forensic genetic genealogy services costs through the roof, you can now Solve It Yourself (TM) with our training.

Genetic Genealogy investigations require two parts - a Genome developed by a lab - and someone to investigate the matches. These services, outsourced, are very expensive, usually starting around $7,500.

Instead, when you take my class, you eliminate $3,000+ in costs PER CASE by solving it yourself.

For a $997 one time investment, this amortizes over the lifetime of the detective, and the department, savings hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowing you to solve more cases quickly.

Why pay too much for a case? I didn't get into police work for the paycheck and I certainly believe in people over profits!

That's why I'm excited to offer a complete Genetic Genealogy Investigation package for $2,300! You read that right. It may be higher, around $5,600 if the case is old, as many of them are, or there is significant degradation.

When you decide to use genetic genealogy in your case, you need two things: 1) a Genome (which is basically the genetic blueprint of the person), and 2) a way to organize and interpret the matches to find your person of interest (relative matching).

We do that all for you when we partner with an experienced lab and our experienced forensic genetic genealogists do the investigation for you - either myself or one of my trained graduates - and we don't stop until the job is done!

Yep, that's right. Just like the old call outs. When something goes down, and you need some help, give me a call. I'm used to it.

Our Genetic Genealogist On Call (TM) service provides you access to a real-time forensic genetic genealogist, so you always have backup. You don't have to wait for a work day, or wait for an email, especially when a case is HOT.

Whether you are working the case yourself or working with an outside vendor, sometimes it just doesn't make sense, they don't get back with you, or worse yet, they leave you hanging. I'm sorry to say, more and more it's happening.

Our $97 per month service gets you weekly live calls with me to interpret results, help you understand your matches, or figure out what's going on in your case. Need more support? We've got it - ask us about our higher level packages!

My mom told me it's not nice to talk about yourself, but I feel I have to in order to let you know I'm here for you - and I mean it!

Having worked as a patrol officer, major case detective and sergeant, I know cases inside and out. This means what it takes to develop probable cause, write search warrants,evaluate evidence, clear a case, and keep the brass and prosecutors happy!

I have worked in criminal investigations as a private investigator agency owner since 2008,  and in 2017 was brought on to a  huge criminal contract because of my skills. It is considered the dark side but it gave me further experience knowing how THEY are going to attack you, and I can help you prepare for and prevent defense challenges.

In 2019 I became a court-qualified law enforcement expert witness. That means I can talk about criminal procedure, police procedure and wrap it all up in best practices for genetic genealogy investigations.

Last but not least, you're entered!

In addition to the award made at IHIA, we are giving away the following FREE products and services which you have been registered for:

  • 1 of 5 Genetic Genealogy Matching Services - $3000 value
  • 1 Genetic Genealogy For LE Training Class - $997 value
  • 1 Free copy of Concrete Clues: A Genetic Genealogy Cozy Mystery (shown below)

You may not know about my podcast spotlighting the ever-increasing over 14,400 unknown human remains cases across the United States.

I decided to do something about it and I'm raising funds by writing fiction - the first two books at right.

Money raised helps pay for the lab work required to obtain the genome. Then, myself and my team volunteer to do the genetic matching ourselves, our gift to the Unknown Humans.

If you'd like to feature a case or be part of our podcast, please let me know!

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