How To RE-Fund The Police And Save $300,000

September 22, 2022

Um hm. Sounds crazy, I know. What you may not know is that commercial labs are charging our police departments approximately $3,000 PER CASE to perform investigative/forensic genetic genealogy matching services for them.

UGH. That's rough for an already empty pocket. For 100 cases per detective, (I used to work 40+ per month as a detective) that comes to $300,000.

Instead, I propose we SAVE our police $300,000 or more, solving more cases and getting justice for more victims. How do we do that? We train them (well I do) to do the genetic genealogy researching themselves.

What is Genetic Genealogy? No, it's not CODIS. It's better, DNA on steroids. And, your favorite officer, or local agency can have the training for under $1,000.

How can we RE-FUND our police? It can start local, with donating a class to your local agency or funding an agency who's lost a hero through our Enduring Service program.

It's about getting the training to them, so they can do more, for more victims, for all of us.

A link to my training page which also speaks to our heroes and how you may help.

Thank you!

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Leveling The DNA & Genetic Genealogy Playing Field

September 9, 2022

I remember feeling left out, sometimes as a patrol officer, sometimes as a Detective, when the alphabet agencies roared into town and took your case and took the credit for all of your hard work.

I also remember seeing assets or training, big solves or big technology and asking for it and being told, no we don't have the resources for that.

Maybe you're hearing all about some other "big" things done by the "big" agencies and "big" corporations and think that you'll never be able to bring to clo...
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How To Climb Effciently

September 7, 2022

Do you remember climbing trees as a kid? I do!

It was so challenging to try all of the trees in the neighborhood and go as high as you could. After all, you had no responsibilities and were just having FUN, right?

Ah yes! But now, you are working and as a detective or investigator you've got way too many cases - and those are the active ones! Who has time to get to the cold ones? That's were I can help.

One of the things I love to do when using Genetic Genealogy to solve cold cases is to buil...

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Go For The Gold Shield!

August 30, 2022

In talking to prospective students, I get asked whether or not Genetic Genealogy training is for Detectives and Investigators. The answer is a resounding YES! But, it's also for patrol officers too!

You see, one of the ways that you can differentiate yourself in a large police agency (or even a small one) is to stand out with a degree or a special skillset that is needed and may be in short supply. Genetic Genealogy training is a great option.

Whether you are a current detective looking to get ...
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Using Search Warrants On Commercial DNA Databases

August 18, 2022

What does walking the talk have to do with a search warrant on a commercial DNA database vendor? EVERYTHING.

You see, when I was a detective one of my first search warrants (what was I thinking) was on a retired U.S. Attorney's home, going after his wife and her misdeeds. Yes! I not only got the warrant, but I got the goods and the wife got what was coming to her. What I didn't get was overturned. Heck, I don't even think it was challenged.

Now, doing Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy wo...
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